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Q). Can I send personalized SMS to my contacts through PC?
A). Yes u can send personalized sms to your contact number through different devices.

Q). Following rules of TRAI is necessary? Is Bulksmssoft follows their guidelines too?
A). Yes we follow TRAI rules while sending BulkSMS it is important for sms service provider else you will get punished and we @ Bulksmssoft strictly follow TRAI guidelines.

Q). How many characters we can give in one message ?
A). We can give 160 characters in one message after 160 characters are finished that message will count into two messages.

Q). Can I send a message in my local language ?
A). Yes u can message in your local language.

Q). How many SMS I can send at once?
A). At a time you can send 1 lakh bulk sms in bulksmssoft.