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Transactional SMS for all your Business Needs

For reliable transaction process, customers believe in the instant SMSs coming from the service provider. Delay or absence of such messages can lay heavy effects on trust factor as your customers may suspect the genuineness of your services and products in this case. That’s the reason why transactional SMSs are finding their best usage in e-commerce, consulting, banking, textile, retail and all remote or transaction-based businesses.

Transactional SMSs are being used for forwarding billing info, discount info, order info and receipts to the payer.

BulkSMSsoft - How our Transactional SMS services Work?

OTo send the finite amount of commercial information to your target customer, reliability and security of the confidential information, along with the instant delivery is essential.

We are servicing the multiple industries through the best services, which include -

  • Template-based transactional SMSs by BulkSMSsoft can be forwarded in an automated manner by changing the specific data according to the recipient.
  • Sending messages to DND numbers with interruption.
  • Message arrival confirmation report at recipient’s end for sent transactional messages
  • Define triggers to automatically forward the SMS to dedicated user groups.

Our perfect pricing, easy interface, timely delivery and multiple attractive features tempt corporate clients to use BulkSMSsoft’s transactional gateway. All you need to send hundreds of messages to your intended audience is getting registered to our portal for availing hassle-free Bulk transactional SMS facilities.

Transactional SMS API for Enterprises

You can get BulkSMSsoft’s Transactional SMS API integrated with your enterprise software modules for free. Charges will be applied for the credited messages only, saving you a decent amount. To gain more customers and bring excellence in business operations, try utilizing the transactional SMS, especially in following industries –

  • Event management companies
  • Commercial websites
  • Educational groups
  • Retail sector
  • Insurance providers
  • Tour & travel consultants
  • Software consulting companies
  • Hoteliers and other hospitality businesses
  • Banking sector
  • Brokers
  • Automobile sector
  • Airlines

Know why to use Transactional SMSs before competitors throw you out of business

Are you confused where you can employ transactional messages?
Here are some practices to help you out -

  • Purchase confirmation
  • Order cancellation
  • Sending status information at each delivery steps
  • Blacklisting and White Listing to filter spammers
  • Automated Business Messages
  • Delivery information
  • Receipt forwarding