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BulkSMSsoft's Voice SMS Services – Avail our solutions and deliver the best user Experience

Voice SMSs are business-dragging and hence are the efficient tools to market your product and services. Even better results can be drawn by conveying these voice messages in local languages.

BulkSMSsoft’s outbound dialers for the voice messaging are the best choice to opt for if you are looking to implement personalized and effective voice SMS communication with your business. With increasing your visitors, revenue, and customer satisfaction, it will serve you in the desired way.

Have you imagined Lead Generation through Voice SMS Services?

For multiple customer interaction events like signup programs, customer surveys, polls, ads and more – lead generation can be boosted through the missed call numbers and automated customer surveys. Elimination of human resources from the business operations increases the speed and quality of services, along with saving employees from putting in extra efforts.

Collected key impressions decide the future action of the automated system, which is designated to perform a specific set of operations.

Our reliable and advanced voice SMS services and translation engines are designed to sustain with best results in every scenario. To make the communication through voice SMSs cheaper, we have implemented the pay per usage policy to let you pay for the answered calls only.

Our Outbound Dialer Solutions

BulkSMSsoft’s specific numbers can be dialed to record the desired message in your own voice. This message can be forwarded to groups and individuals according to your requirements. Our powerful voice SMS systems can also convert the clips or text messages to audio for using them in the automated phone calls.

You can also deploy the voice SMS with IVR functionality for asking customer feedbacks with our exclusive services.

Remote Access for Recording and Sending Voice SMSs

Be it your office, home or any Internet-enabled system, you can broadcast or multicast your messages. But with BulkSMSsoft’s Voice SMS services, you can record your message directly from your phone by calling our dedicated numbers, without internet access.

Our fair prices, scheduling facilities, automation capacity, API integration solutions, remote access, smooth communication, voice translation options, clarity, and quality are some very specific features of our Voice SMS solutions which ensure the effectiveness of BulkSMSsoft for your company.